TEKTRO Auriga Front Hydraulic Disk Brake Adapter & Brake Caliper

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Tektro Auriga Comp Disc Brake Caliper and Lever



Set includes factory bled caliper, hose, wave type rotor, mounting hardware and lever.



Features: Open system design using non-corrosive and environment-friendly mineral oil



Dual piston design



Melt forged caliper body with automatic positioning via front or rear adapters



Reversable lever design with two-piece bracket for easy removal






System: Hydraulic Disc Brake System



Piston: Open system, Dual piston



Compatibility: 6-bolt disk



Material: Cast aluminum lever & bracket



Lever Blade:2 finger blade



Hose Length: Front: 750 mm



Rotor: Round type (TR160-8)



Rotor Weight: Ø160 mm : 118 grams



Adapter: AQ1.0 Series



Fluid: Tektro mineral oil



Pads: Metal ceramic compound



Mount bracket: A_F180/R160



HD3.2WLC, 6-8 Nm HD-M290n



Weight: Front wheel: 295 grams



(Excludes rotor, adapter & mounting bolts)