The GREASER = Unique Design

The T4B GREASER by Michael Blast, is a beautiful, West Australian designed, vintage inspired electric bicycle.

Our 350/500 Watt models are 100% legal for use in North America on all public roads and shared bike paths and certified to comply with EN15194.


Got Hills? or Headwinds? No Worries!

With a POWERFUL 350/500 Watt, geared brushless rear hub drive motor, the GREASER, gives you assistance when you need it the most! Bafang Electric Motor assists easily against the WIND and up HILLS.

CONQUER those pesky hills and afternoon headwinds in style!


A big UP-yours to traffic jams!

The GREASER is the PERFECT electric bike for your daily commute, with a SUPER EFFICIENT Samsung™ Lithium-Ion 36V13Ah or 48V14.5Ah battery that can get you up to 60 km per charge, at 25+km/h EASILY!


Save $$$ per year by getting a GREASER

- NO Registration Fees!

- NO Insurance Premiums!

- NO Parking fees!

- NO Drivers License required!

Does't that sound awesome!

  • 100% Legal to ride in North America

    Our 500/350 Watt GREASER model, complies with EN15194 and is 100% Legal for use on ALL public roads and shared pathways in US&Canada, where you have the same rights as a normal cyclist

  • Up to 60 km per Chanrge

    With the super efficient Samsung™ Lithium-Ion battery you can get up to 60 km in range with each charge!

  • Hills and Headwinds, be gone!

    With a powerful 500/350 Watt geared brushless motor you can power up hills without breaking a sweat!




What is the best thing about owning an electric bike?

You can go much, much further with assistance of the battery, then on a regular pedal bike. Overtake all the slow pokes on the road, as you can gain quite a bit of speed with the Greaser.

You are not dependent on the roads and will not be stuck in a traffic jam, instead you can explore local bike paths, parks and forests, and go any place where a car or a motorcycle are not allowed to go.

You will be able to find a lot more scenery, explore more places, go to far away locales and come back without being completely exhausted from pedaling all day long. Unless that is your goal, then by all means - turn off the PAS (pedal assist system) and sweat away!

Tired? Feeling lazy and sluggish - but still want to go for a ride to get some fresh air? No Problem, turn your motor on and ride without pedaling at all!

Maybe you wish to get some groceries, but think they are too heavy to carry by hand? Great! Here is a chance to utilize that strong motor! Just tie you shopping to the back rack and get back home in a jiffy.

Do you have a physical location?

YES! Our location is - Toys4Boys Motorsports and Electric Transport

1-3915 Edmonton Trail NE, Calgary, AB, T2E6T1, Canada

Store Hours:

Tuesday - Friday     10am - 6pm

Saturday     10am - 5pm

Closed: Sunday & Monday

Please call with questions: 1 (403) 230-9404

Can you ride the GREASER like a normal bike if the battery runs flat?

Can you ride the GREASER like a normal bike if the battery runs flat?

YES! Our GREASER is equipped with a high quality Shimano™ 7 Speed gearing system, so even if you were to run out of the battery power you can always ride the GREASER just like a normal bike.

Is the GREASER legal for use on North American roads, shared pathways and bike paths?

YES! The GREASER complies with EN15194 as a PEDELEC and is therefore 100% legal for use in US and Canada.

Wherever you can legally ride a bicycle the GREASER can also be ridden, as long as you abide by your local State, Province and Territories rules, laws and regulations. (Please check before you ride.)

How far can the GREASER take me, before it needs to be re-charged?

This depends entirely on road, weather and charge level of the battery. Also, rider's fitness level. You can get up to 40-60 km per full charge, the more pedaling you do the greater the range of the battery.

How do I recharge the battery in the GREASER and how long does it take?

The GREASER is supplied with its own Lithium-Ion charger, this charger plugs into any household wall socket and then connects to your GREASER charging port located under the battery tank.

It takes approximately 4 hrs to fully charge the GREASER battery.

What warranty is provided with the GREASER?

We offer a 5-year manufactures warranty on the frame and forks.

1-year  manufactures warranty on the electronic components.

6-months  manufactures warranty on battery.

Water damage and intentional misuse OR normal wear and tear is NEVER covered under our warranty.

What is the top cruising speed of the GREASER?

From factory the GREASER is preset to have a maximum top speed of 25km/h to comply with EN15194 certification.

Can the GREASER be ridden in the rain?

The GREASER IS water-resistant, meaning, if you were to ride through a small puddle or in a light rain the GREASER should be fine. HOWEVER, riding in a HEAVY rain should be avoided if possible. Although, the motor and battery are IP65 rated, water damage is never covered under our warranty.

If we say:

- “Yes, it is 100% waterproof." We will always get that one person that decides,

- “Yeah, waterproof must mean I can go do some river jumping, put it on YouTube and she’ll be sweet to ride again.”

- "False."

Please treat your bike with appropriate care and it will last you a long time.

How long will the Samsung™ Lithium-Ion battery in the GREASER last before it needs to be replaced?

Our Samsung™ batteries will last in excess of 500 charge cycles! This equates to approximately 25,000 km of total travel per battery. Provided you look after them!

This means not overly discharging or charging them, NEVER using any other battery charger other than the one supplied with the GREASER and NEVER discharge your battery past the automatic cutoff level.

What are the shipping rates?

Our Shipping Rates:

Canada Wide:

Greaser Bike - $150

Accessories - Free of Charge


Greaser Bike - $600

Accessories - Free of Charge